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The perfect exemple of why coaching is so worth it!

Building up a business is totally outside of my comfort zone, so obviously I'm being coached on this. It would be weird to advocate a support I wouldn't use.

Yesterday I was talking to my coach about my incapacity to focus on a long-term goal. From the very beginning I've been told that building an audience takes patience, at least a year of on-going efforts. Since then I've felt totally blocked by an horizon I couldn't envision, I didn't know where to start, and I've begun to listen to this inner voice telling me " this challenge is definitely not made for you, get out of here while it is still time".

And then she asked me " how could you see that - what you call an incapacity to focus on long-term goals- in a different way?"

Well... it's true that my husband calls me "the bulldozer" because I can move mountains, really quickly, when I care, and I do really care about coaching people, I know this is where I belong... And from there, I started to realize that if I could breakdown this long-term goal into smaller pieces, like weekly or monthly goals, all of sudden it seemed totally manageable. It appeared like an obvious solution I haven't been able to think about alone. With this single question, she made me shift my perspective : what I saw as a weakness was now a tangible strength.

I didn't need to become someone I was not. After this one hour session I felt energized and confident.

Sometimes you just need someone who enables you to sligthly move your perspective, and it changes all.


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